Deltek offers project-based systems that professional firms can use. The systems offered by Deltek are designed to be full-bodied, which can make them difficult to navigate, which is why some people choose Deltek CFO advisory services.

You can set up the right systems as an administration that will make the system easier for everyone using it. That is why it can be helpful, as the administrator of the system for your business, to point out the features that can make navigating this system easier to handle for your employees after you set them up.

Custom Help Buttons

As the administrator, you can set-up customized help buttons throughout the program. You can customize the help button to fit the needs of your particular business. For example, you can use the custom help button to explain to employees how a certain process works and give them guidelines and instructions. You can also use the help button to create industry-specific definitions of common terms your employees will encounter while using the program. The help button can help explain the system they are using and can help provide insight into how they do their job as well.

Custom Information Centers

For special projects, you can create a system within Deltek for keeping track of that project. This is great when you a part of your business is working on a project which requires them to track a variety of different types of information.

You can set up as many custom information centers as you need that are designed to fit the specific needs of the project that your business is working on. You can use the Deltek system for keeping all your projects together. You can even set the program up to automatically share and email information to relevant parties when information is added to the system.

Simplify Reports

When a report needs to be simplified, you can use the hide document map button. Show your employees how to hide the document map when they need to create a simple spreadsheet that only focuses on the targeted element. If the document map is not hidden, each spreadsheet will have an extra tab that links to the overall project. Hiding the document map allows more focused reports to be created.

These are just a few tricks you can use to make the Deltek system better fit the needs of your business and employees. There are many other tricks you can utilize to customize the system to your specific business needs.