Filing taxes makes many people nervous and uncomfortable whether they file early, wait until the last minute, or file for an extension. Deciding whether to do your taxes alone or pay for someone else to do them depends on your level of comfort with the subject matter. To help you with this, here is a bit of information on the different tax preparation services available.

Doing them Yourself Online

One way to get your taxes done without having to pay to much – or any at all – is to use one of the online programs. The IRS has made it possible for you to use software programs for free if you do not have a complicated return and have under a specified income amount. There are also tax preparation companies that offer online programs for taxes. These programs can be used regardless of your tax or income situation. You will be charged a minimal amount if you need to file different forms or have a lot of deductions and such. These programs can also be used to file your state income taxes. Most of these programs also have tax preparers you can talk to if you have questions and will help if you are audited.

Tax Preparation Company

Tax preparation companies have offices in malls, in big department stores, and in banks. You take your tax information to them and they prepare the return for you. In most cases, you can sit and wait while they do your taxes. These people have been trained to fill out all the forms and to know what is allowed on them. They are not accountants though as their training was strictly to be able to do taxes.


If your return is going to be complicated or you have a large business, you may want to have an accountant do your tax return. You probably already have an accountant who works for you in some capacity so there will be no need to take all your documentation to him or her. This person can not only help you with this year's tax returns but also make suggestions for how to minimize your tax debt in the future.

You should not think of taxes as an evil part of life, but as a simple fact. You can order all the paperwork, forms, and instructions from the IRS to read over and make yourself more comfortable with everything. This is a good idea no matter how you end up having them prepared as it will. help you to understand what you need to give to any professional preparer you decide to use. In addition, you will be able to discuss your return better with the preparer and understand why he or she did something. This way, you can be sure it was done properly.